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 Marketing Funnel System
Capture New Leads

 Email Follow Ups
Convert Leads Into Customers

 Contact Management System
Determine the Hottest Prospects

 Ongoing Marketing training
Keep up with the latest marketing trends

Discounted Marketing Services
CoOp volume negotiated discounts

When you join, you’ll receive our complete
Marketing Funnel System
Capture Leads–> Move them through Buying Cycle–> Convert into Customers

sales pages 1   Lead Capture Pages
This is the foundation of our system.
Use our professional templates or
modify them as you like

sales pages 2  Custom Pages
Prefer to create your own lead capture
pages and sales pages?  Our system
makes it easy

contact managerContact Management System
This very powerful tool allows you to
view and manage all of your leads
in one place.  See your best prospects

email followups    Email Follow Ups
Send our your own high converting
emails follow ups to move your leads
into customers

email broadcastEmail Follow Broadcasts
Want to communicate with your audience?
You can send out your own custom emails
any time you like

home house  Web Hosting
You don’t have to worry about hosting
We take care of everything for you by
hosting your pages on our servers

lead alerts  Lead Alerts
Our System is a “smart” system
It notifys you by email every time
you receive a new lead

traffic sources  Traffic Sources
Want to just buy new leads? We’ve
negotiated with several companies
for you to have leads at huge discounts

site analytics  Site Stats
You have to have numbers to manage
any business.  Our system provides
you with an abundance of analytics


and you’ll get CoOp Negotiated Volume Discounts on other
Marketing Services

member discounts angleWe use the volume buying power of the CoOp to negotiate discounts on your behalf

You’ll get discounts on services like:

Web Design
Graphic Design
Social Media Management
PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing Campaigns
Blog Post Creation
and many others

You’ll get ongoing Training and Education


dvdcasestandingclosed (1)As a member you’ll get ongoing access to ourmarketing academy

Marketing Academy and Breakout Training

We provide ongoing training to help you continue to take advantage of new trends that develop in internet marketing.  

We will instruct you on various topics like lead generation,generating website traffic, PPC marketing, website conversion, using and benefiting from social media and various other topics.

This easy to follow, high level is training provided by knowledgeable experts who will ultimately help you generate more sales for your business


There’s also Free BONUSES

Take our Training Courses for Free just for joining

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Your membership includes online access to our Breakout Training Series featuring:

Marketing Funnel Blueprint
Training Course

 Learn advanced techniques on how to use marketing funnels to generate high quality leads

Free to members

Email Marketing Mastery
Training Course

 Learn these little know techniques to convert your leads into paying customers

Free to members

Fast Traffic Formula
Training Course

 Learn all of these secret techniques to drive an abundance of traffic to your marketing funnels

Free to members


Here’s another BONUS…
Refer 3 and your
Membership is FREE!

We also have an excellent referral program

referral program


Every time you refer a new member you receive $10 and continue to receive $10 
each and every month, as long as that person is a member!

So refer 3 new members and your membership is paid for!


Have a large organization?

That means you can receive $10 per person per month simply by referring members of your
to the marketing services that will also help their business


It’s time to Join
the Online Marketing CoOp

The Online Marketing CoOp is the best, most cost effective
way to generate new customers online!

When you join, you’ll receive:
A complete Marketing Funnel System
A complete Email Follow Up System
A complete Contact Management System
Discounts on your most needed Marketing Services
Ongoing Marketing Training
Our 3 Free Get started Training Courses
Ability to generate extra, passive income with our referral program
The opportunity to finally grow your business

There’s No Risk or Cost to get started!

The CoOp is totally Free for the first 7 days,

If you choose to keep your membership,

it’s just $29.95 per month

you can cancel at any time

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